Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Beast Shows It's Face

I love being right. I will go to great lengths to prove I'm right even when I'm not, just ask my husband:) But when it comes to Ethan's epilepsy, I want nothing more than to be wrong. I mentioned in my last post that I had that bad feeling that something was coming, it was. We have been getting used to having a non-seizing child at home. He's been such a normal nearly 4 year old. He runs around and plays with his cars all day, and he was even doing yard work with daddy this weekend which was so cute. As he was shoveling piles into the trash with Mike, we were just astounded! There was no way he could have done it just two weeks ago, he would have been way too shaky, and let's face it, probably sleeping on the couch. But then there was yesterday. He was off playing and I watched him kind of fall and then right after he said, "I'm ok". Ethan likes to fake seizures, he doesn't know that he has seizures, he just thinks it's funny to get a rise out of us and see us freak out. I assumed that was what he was doing. I told him to stop it, but it happened again and I realized it was the real thing. I brought him to the couch to sit down and they kept coming. I snapped a video of the very last one in the string to show to Mike just to be sure of what I was seeing. Apparently when you go two weeks without seeing a seizure you second guess yourself!

We were upset, but we never expected seizure freedom from this diet, just hopefully a reduction. Five seizures are bad, but we know how much worse it can be so we just went on with keeping an eye on him. A bit later while we were walking up the stairs, he had another one. He lost muscle tone and his body was thrown backward. Had I not been one step behind him he would have thrown himself backward down half a flight of stairs completely unconscious. I called for Mike and set him down on the stairs. He continued to have about 3 more, each time slamming his head backward into the wall. We were concerned enough by now to put in a call to his neurologist to just let them know what was going on.

He didn't have anymore for a while, but in the evening they started up again, and he started cycling. While we were getting him to drink his cream with dinner (yummy....) every time he would lean in to take a sip he would have one and his body would be thrown back. My poor boy. He got through dinner and had a few more while settling down for the night. Once he was asleep he was a very jerky mess, just like he used to be.... He had about 20 of these (atonic) drop seizures yesterday, and I am very anxiously sitting here waiting to see what happens today. I HATE this feeling!!!

I must mention that yesterday Jet was acting very off. He is the most laid back relaxed dog I have ever seen, and unless the kids are playing with him or he needs to go out and pee he is just passes out on his bed. Yesterday he was pacing back and forth through the living room, and he would come up to me and sit down and look at me. I figured he just needed to go out 12 times in an hour. Mike even said he was acting a big off when he got home. We took him up to bed with us last night because if Ethan did have more I wanted him to be around. He was very uneasy. He was panting alot and couldn't seem to get comfortable. The question is am I reading into things, or did he sense something was off? He and Ethan are very bonded, and love each other very much. I hope it was him realizing something was off. I will be keeping a closer eye on him from now on:)

Way overexposed picture, but how cute is he???

And just because they're so cute!


  1. Love the pics!!!You are still in my prayers!

  2. Hello, wanted to ask you a quick question. We are in the process of raising money for your family, do you mind me asking how much you paid for your new dog? We have a parent who wants to donate towards the cost of the dog. He wants to donate whatever the amount is left that we haven't raised to cover the cost of the dog:). He also has a child that suffers from a seizure disorder. I'm happy to hear that his life is returning to "normal"!!! Love you guys!!!
    Shelly Bartlett