Sunday, April 17, 2011

It Continues

Just a quick update this morning. Ethan had an ok day yesterday. He had about 6 of these drop seizures around 11 in the morning clumped pretty close together, but nothing more that we physically saw during the day. I kept making the comment that his eyes looked off though, kind of had that glazed over look on his face. Last night as he was settling down for bed he had a ton, just one after another. Once he finally fell asleep, he continued to be very jerky, and let out several loud sighs which always show as seizures when he's hooked up to EEG. Poor boy:( We go in Monday for a blood test to check his keto levels. We have dip sticks that we test his urine with morning and night, but they aren't as accurate as a blood test. We'll see I guess. I just have a feeling the levels are fine, and he's pushing through the diet like he has all the medications.

His brain has continued to improve, despite some seizures returning. He's such a smart little guy, but the constant seizing hasn't let us see it for months now. When he talks on the phone to family they can actually understand all of what he's saying, and he's able to get out complete thoughts. He's back to being totally immersed in the world of make-believe with all his toys. We often see him playing house with his cars. One is Mommy, another is Daddy and a baby. I guess when boys don't have barbies and baby dolls they make due with cars and planes:)

My big boy turns 4 next Wednesday! Another mama of an epilepsy child gave me a recipe for a keto pumpkin cheesecake so we're going to try that out. We haven't even made plans for his birthday yet because we've been so wrapped up in the diet and everything else, but we'll probably do something very small, maybe a keto picnic at a park and just let him run around like crazy. Because excitement and stress trigger seizures he can't really have a "typical" party. He'll even start seizing if extra people are at the house. He'll still have fun though:)

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