Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Good News/Bad News

This week has brought so many great things. We got news that Ethan is good to go on the diet, and he is being admitted Sunday to start!!! It's finally spring and the weather is changing. Just being able to get outside with the kids everyday makes things so much better. Taylor is finally big enough to run around with her brother and play. They love it! 

On top of the weather change, we had literally not seen a seizure out of Ethan in almost a week. We had once again convinced ourselves that this was it, and this new drug (that had a 1% chance of working) was solving our problems. Ethan slept 2 whole nights in his own bed, and happily out of ours (his bed is next to our bed), and we were even questioning if he even needed to start the diet, but realized he still did because no 3 (ok, almost 4) year old should be taking 15 pills a day, shaking like crazy, and napping 4 hours a day. Yesterday I noticed him being very over emotional, and I told Mike he was going to have a seizure. We both figured it would be one of his smaller regular ones, but the day passed and no seizure. Maybe my mommy sense was off. I should have known better, it never is.... This morning Ethan woke up a little cranky, but acting pretty normal. A little while into the morning he went into a HUGE tonic clonic seizure. He has only had maybe a dozen tonic clonics, but this one was by far the most violent I had ever seen. He started choking, and vomit was flowing from his nose. I gave him his emergency medication Diastat before the 5 minutes I'm supposed to wait because his tonic clonics just haven't been stopping lately. I'm glad I did, and it did stop after about 8 or 9 minutes. No paramedics necessary, thank god! He passed out after, poor boy:( I don't know why we keep assuming he's healed out of no where.
Postictal after his seizure, but snuggling his new Scooby blanket Mommy made!

So that has been the good and bad of the week. We are getting psyched up to start the diet, but it is a HUGE lifestyle change. But what parent wouldn't do whatever they had to do to heal their child? We are once again in let Ethan eat whatever the heck he wants mode, and it is mostly consisting of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches about 4 times a day, salad, and soda which he literally has never drank. We're probably going to take him to McDonalds Sunday for his last meal. Snacks and cake will be interesting for his birthday next month. Speaking of his birthday, as long as medically everything is going pretty well we are probably going to give him his puppy that day! I once again want to thank everyone who has donated! We are very close to our goal!

A few new fluffy little things joined our family today! It is surprisingly legal to keep chickens here in Colorado Springs in your suburban backyard. You can keep up to 10 hens, but no roosters. It might seem strange, but hear me out. Chickens are the ultimate pet. They are quiet and clean. They make your breakfast for you every morning, and you haven't lived until you have eaten free range chicken eggs, they are AMAZING! They eat all your kitchen scraps. Any food you would throw out, throw it to the chickens. They also roam around your yard and eat all those nasty bugs and spiders you don't want getting in your house. I had always said I can't wait to buy a house on land so I could get chickens, then I found out it was legal to have them here! I was psyched. Unfortunately we have a family of foxes that live out behind our house, and they like to eat our chickens. We have had alot of casualties, but we have plans for a new completely predator proof coop that should stop that problem. So here are our new fluffy butts! They aren't sexed, so once we know which are the hens and which are the roosters we will only be left with two or three. Any name suggestions???
He's already in love!
They stay inside under lights until they feather out.

She just wants to squish them!

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